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Services Offered


Consulting Sessions

With over a decade of consulting and 20 years of management, Kimberly firmly believes that good leadership is being in good service to others while staying true to yourself. Kimberly can help you identify, clarify and articulate your hurdles and goals and help you forge a path for your success. 


Having mentored for Women Innovating Together, the Oregon Entrepreneur's Network, and other small business groups, Kimberly likes to take a more personal approach with her clients. She prefers to build character over competency, instill honest optimism, and helps you find your passion and focus on what is possible and how to get there. 

Business Growth


As an entrepreneur, angel investor and collaborator, Kimberly will ask you pointed questions to pinpoint your stressors and help you find solutions. Kimberly offers structure and backbone to your company. Whether you are a well-established business, someone in transition from a business of one to many, or anywhere in between, Kimberly can help.

What Our Clients Say

Jeremy Joseph

Owner of Inkshift.com

"Throughout all the years I've been blessed to work with her, Kimberly has taken every tangled mess of concepts and briefs I've given her and she immediately pierced through to the heart of the matter and turned it into exactly what I need, every time. Not only that, but she does it all in record time. She is a master at analysis, pattern recognition and aligning what the client wants with what they've given her. Kimberly is also an excellent and perceptive listener which offers her the ability to discern between what a client thinks they need versus what they actually need."

Benjamin Burch

 Founder of Burchworks

"At a time when the company was going through changes, peaks, valleys, growing pains. Kim was a rock, anchor, and solidifying entity that kept many a freelance animator employed. While doing a job which she did not really have to do, she rose to the occasion, willingly, and happily going above and beyond to be a wonderful liaison between artists and company displaying grace and poise."

Eleanor Fulton

Marketing Manager

"Kimberly differs from other business professionals in that she truly listens to the problem at hand before devising a plan for moving forward. Kimberly's strategic business advice is innovative and effective. Not only is her advice sound, but her follow-through is thorough and complete. Kimberly sees all projects through to their conclusion, adapting where necessary to ensure success."

Failure is but a stepping stone to success. There is strength in collaboration.

Kimberly Carlson

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